With extensive experience in the escorting industry over many years we feel qualified in advising young women who are considering taking up escorting as a full time or a part time career choice, the best way to realize their dreams.

There are several factors to consider and honestly answer before you get in touch to see if you are the right person to join our elite team of escorts.

Escorts Jobs Manchester – Are you between the ages of 18 and 30? Would you consider that you have a good figure and do others compliment you on it? Are you attractive with a pretty or even a beautiful face? Are you well presented, your hair healthy and shining, your skin soft and appealing, your nails polished?

Do you want to potentially improve your standard of living and have a lifestyle that can take you into the company of gentlemen who like to be seen with lovely women; wining and dining in smart restaurants and bars, travelling to other places?

If you feel that you are a candidate for a change of career into the escorting world please fill in the online application form and attach two recent photos of yourself. Make sure that you provide us with all information requested especially your contact number. If we feel that we may be able to help you become a successful escort we will call you shortly after looking at your details.

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